total light management

Our Passion

The Specialty Group formed from key members of Specialty Drapery (a Richmond Virginia custom drapery workroom and commercial window treatment company) and Lutron Electronics engineers, customer service manager, mid-Atlantic sales representative and more. All brought together for the passion for total light management of residential and commercial spaces to enhance the visual environment, provide occupant comfort and convenience, improve workplace productivity and employee retention while providing for significant energy savings.

The Specialty Group strongly promotes energy savings as the responsible and desirable alternative to building power plants. Energy consumed by the electric light requirements of commercial and residential spaces account for nearly 33% of all energy used in buildings today. We develop electric light and natural light management strategies that can save commercial buildings up to 70% on electricity used for lighting with up to 30% savings of the entire electric cost of that building. And though residential cost savings are considerably less they are still considerable. Dimming, switching, harvesting natural light, task focused light levels, load trims, load sheds and personal control combined with a thorough and comprehensive strategy delivers huge returns in energy costs, productivity, comfort and convenience. Manage the light; don't build more power plants!