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A Breakthrough Opportunity

A Breakthrough Opportunity for Cost Savings

The Specialty Group is a pioneering provider of leading-edge technology, which harvests natural daylight, allowing seamless integration of this pollution-free energy source (daylight) into any building's control systems. Harvesting this energy source to reduce electric lighting energy effectively is what we do along with other major light energy saving strategies

With intelligent sensors and controls and innovative shading products, this technology allows us to create individually customized work environments for greater productivity and user-friendly controlled living spaces for enhanced homeowner satisfaction.

Breakthroughs cost savings are possible through lower energy consumption (lighting, heat and air conditioning) as well as reduced operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

A Vital Role

The benefits of Total Light Management Technology are possible only if the provider is able to work as an innovative design advisor and collaborative construction partner throughout the life of the project. “Our mantra is consult and consult early.”

Fortunately, this is a role we have trained for and play on a regular basis. Our reputation for success on the most challenging projects was built on reliably contributing to our client's success in this way.

We became part of our client's team, working as their partner to reduce project costs and minimize risk, while giving them an important competitive advantage in their marketplace.