Return on Your Investment


Return On Investment

For all of your retrofit projects, large or small, The Specialty Group will provide an accurate and professional analysis, which compares your current use of lighting and shading with our recommended use for greater energy, productivity and operational cost savings.

Our professional evaluation process includes the following steps:

  • Meet with our clients to clearly understand their concerns, problems and “pain”

  • Perform a site survey of those areas

  • Install temporary sensors in those areas to collect specific data regarding their usage

  • Produce a detailed report presenting our recommendations and opportunities to reduce
         costs from the actual data collected

  • Meet with the client to review our report and proposal that illustrates the return on their
         investment from our proposed solutions

  • Develop an action plan to address the opportunities

  • Perform the work included in the agreed upon plan

  • Real-time monitoring and verification of daylight control system performance

  • Integration with Building Management Systems

ROI Calculators: