What is LEED® ?

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is a rating system administered by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides a national standard for what constitutes a green building. It offers a set of scientifically based performance criteria and a point system for LEED project certification.

As many of today’s buildings are designed to be sustainable, adaptable and energy efficient, The Specialty Group is committed to contribute to our customer’s efforts to achieve these goals. We offer state of the art technology and products that integrate the control of both natural and electric light – resulting in unmatched daylight management solutions.

Many of our shading and lighting control solutions can significantly contribute to obtaining LEED certification. Several of those strategies include:

  • Dimming and switching systems (including fluorescent dimming)

  • Personal control of light

  • Daylight harvesting

  • Integration of automated shading systems

  • Astronomical time clock or solar tracking control systems

  • Occupant- based sensing

  • Custom “tuning” and management of light levels to specific tasks

  • Real-time monitoring and verification of daylight control system performance

  • Integration with Building Management Systems