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Small to medium sized windows

roller 20*TM and roller 64TM have small tube diameters
that make them the perfect solution for small to medium
sized windows. Control daylight and create privacy in
the office or at home.

sivoia roller
Roller Shades Virginia

Floor to ceiling windows

roller 100TM is designed for larger windows,
such as those in floor-to-ceiling applications.
These windows are often found in offices
and condominiums. Preserve the view while
increasing productivity.

Sivoia Lutron
Virginia Shades

Curtain walls

Couple up to 6 shades as a group with a single
Electronic Drive Unit (EDU) with roller 200CW.


Multi-story windows

roller 225TM provides a heavy-duty bracket and
higher torque for much larger applications. Add
precision control of daylight in atriums, lobbies,
and in areas with multi-story windows.

Lutron Roller Shades

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