Add to your safety & security


Connect HomeWorks to a security system to activate lights in case of a fire or burglar alarm. In the event of an intrusion, the inside lights can be set to full ON and the outside lights can be set to FLASH to draw attention. In the event of a fire, lights along the shortest path of egress can be turned on to a medium level such that the smoke is not blinding and your family knows how to get out quickly. Security Mode may also be activated manually from a keypad. When Security Mode is deactivated, the lighting returns to the original levels set before Security Mode was activated.

Vacation Mode

HomeWorks constantly monitors and records the state of all lighting in a home. When Vacation Mode is activated, the system plays back your real-life lighting events, providing a realistic appearance of activity while the home is unoccupied. Vacation mode randomization is also an option. Randomization slightly varies the times at which lighting events occur, thus creating a more realistic image of an occupied home. The system can be programmed to record the last day’s, the last week’s, or the last two weeks’ activities.

Fail-Safe Operation

HomeWorks Local Lighting Controls and GRAFIK Eye® Preset Local Lighting Controls remain fully functional even in the unlikely event communication to the processor is interrupted. Dimming panels also have manual override capabilities, which can be activated from dedicated switches located anywhere in the home.

Power-Failure Memory

All HomeWorks components are designed with power-failure memory. If power is interrupted and restored, lights will automatically return to the levels to which they were set prior to the power outage. HomeWorks system programming is retained in non-volatile memory and is not affected by loss of power.

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