HomeWorks Product Features

Product Features

The Power Is In The Software

HomeWorks provides the capability to activate events only if specific conditions are met. For example, program driveway sensors to turn on exterior lighting only if it is dark. A single “Dining” button could set different lighting and music for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

HomeWorks can automatically trigger events at specific times of the day or at times relative to sunrise or sunset. By knowing your location, HomeWorks knows when the daily sunrise/sunset times occur. HomeWorks even adjusts for seasonal changes in daylight savings time. Program multiple schedules allowing for different timeclock events on weekdays, weekends, holidays, etc. For example, you may want to turn your landscape lights on 15 minutes before sunset every night and use the sprinkler system to water the lawn every other day at sunrise.

HomeWorks Keypads can be customized to meet your changing needs. Each keypad button may be programmed to activate any of the lights in the system. Keypad buttons may also be programmed to control audio, video, and other integrated subsystems. And keypads can be engraved, letting you know for certain the programming behind the buttons.

The Look

The days of having six switches line up on the wall are over. One elegant HomeWorks keypad can be used to control the lights. And with engraved buttons, there is no guessing which switch turns on which lights, you know which lights you are turning on.

HomeWorks offers a variety of control options depending on your wants and needs. Perhaps you want a subtle dimmer on the wall that does not detract from the other features of the room. Perhaps you want a keypad with large, backlit buttons at the entrance to your media room you use to set up for the movie. Check out the extensive line of HomeWorks controls to determine which ones are right for you.

With HomeWorks extensive array of colors and finishes, you choose the look you want for the unique décor of your home. Whether you want a contrasting metal finish keypad in the bedroom or a more subtle dimming control on the kitchen backsplash, HomeWorks extensive colors and finishes allow you to create the look you want.

HomeWorks keypads and local lighting controls complement each other with matching colors, styles, and finishes. After all, the receptacle on the backsplash of your kitchen should match the color of the dimmer. A full range of wallplates, receptacles, telephone jacks, and cable jacks are available to match system controls. Architectural-style faceplates can even be customized to match a home’s paint, wallcoverings, or decor.

HomeWorks seeTouch and Signature Series keypads are backlit so that the button labels are easily read in a dark room. No need to turn the lights on to read the buttons that are supposed to turn the lights on.


HomeWorks is the only lighting control system able to offer precise integration with shades. With Sivoia QED shades, you not only can open and close a shade, you can send it to precise levels. As you read the morning paper you raise the shades just a crack with the tabletop keypad next to your chair, allowing just enough natural light to read comfortably.

HomeWorks® has been designed to integrate with audio, video, and other subsystems in a home. A typical application includes control of an audio system from buttons on a HomeWorks keypad. Interface the system with other equipment using contact closure inputs and outputs, infrared inputs, and RS-232 serial communication.

The telephone interface allows access and control of up to ten different functions or events from any touchtone phone. The telephone interface guides the homeowner through each step with customized voice messages and provides positive verbal response when a function or event has been activated. Utilize this capability from telephones within the house or across the world.

RF Products

Whether your home is existing or under construction, you can have all the power and convenience of HomeWorks. Add lighting control to existing homes with HomeWorks RF devices. Existing switches are replaced with RF dimmers, RF switches, and RF keypads using existing line-voltage wiring. RF lamp dimmers simply plug into receptacles to integrate table and floor lamps into the system.

Tabletop Controls – Dimmers and Keypads
HomeWorks RF tabletop keypads and RF lamp dimmers offer great flexibility for the placement of controls. Locations such as bedside, countertops, and end tables are ideal for these controls.

CAR VISOR CONTROLS The HomeWorks car visor transmitter clips on to a car’s sun visor providing complete control of the system from the convenience of the car. Any car equipped with is compatible as well.

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