energy saving in dimming

Save Energy

Let Specialty show you How to Save Energy using Lutron Dimming Systems

Did you know a Lutron dimmer can save the average home $30 a year in electricity cost or dimming a incandescent light bulb 10% double the life of the light Bulb and that means savings for you and less trash in our environment.

Did You Know?

Dimming your lights just 25% saves 20% in energy Installing one dimmer in every US Home in place of a standard light switch would save $230 million in electricity per year and CO2 by 4.3 billion pounds per year, equivalent to taking 370,000 cars off the road

Lighting accounts for 30% of annual electricity use in education buildings

Lighting accounts for 43% of annual electricity use in retail buildings

Lighting accounts for 55% of annual electricity use in lodging buildings

Lighting accounts for 43% of annual electricity use in health care buildings

A commercial dimmer can save $85.68 / year in electricity costs compared to a switch.

If 25% of the homes in Columbus, Ohio replaced a standard light switch with a Lutron dimmer, they could save more than $2.4 million in electricity costs each year

A 1500-hour incandescent bulb will last nearly 10 years when dimmed 33% and used 3 hours per day

Incandescent light bulbs last 20 times longer if dimmed by 50%

The New York Times building saves 70% in lighting energy using Quantum total light management

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