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Stanza Features

Stanza is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use lighting control system designed to make your guests’ stay feel like a home away from home. And a cost-effective way to help your property save energy. It can operate as a stand-alone system or integrate with other guestroom controls such as Lutron’s automated window treatments and key card switches. Plus, Stanza can be integrated with guest services, including amenity programs, do not disturb systems, and service functionality.

Stanza offers unmatched convenience and flexibility in design with a variety of individual components—keypads, lamp socket dimmer/switches, dimmers, switches and integrated guest services—that communicate via wireless radio frequency (RF) within the room.

Once your guests are upgraded to the enhanced comfort, safety and security of Stanza, they’ll settle for nothing less. A unique experience for every unique guest, Stanza is the first universally designed guestroom lighting control system, making it the perfect application for ADA rooms.


Stanza keypads allow guests to control lights and draperies with the touch of a button, providing maximum comfort and ease of use. The keypads are universally designed and can be used in ADA guestrooms. And regardless of the light levels set by a former room occupant on local dimmers and switches, Stanza keypads provide accurate recall of preset light levels to ensure a consistent guest experience.

• Conveniently controls all lighting from any location
• Large backlit buttons with large text are easy to read and locate in any environment
• Available in a variety of button configurations with customizable text
• Buttons can be individually programmed to provide desired functionality
• Wires to 120VAC source

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