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Lighting Controls

Many approaches to save energy require sacrifices.

In contrast, light controls actually improve the use and ambience of spaces. Energy saving ideas that require sacrifices have difficulty succeeding.

  • Many people purchase energy efficient equipment only when savings cover the cost.

  • Reducing air conditioning or heating can reduce productivity, learning, or sales. As a result, many people fail to reduce air conditioning levels during power emergencies.

  • Smaller, lower performance cars have less space and safety capabilities.

  • People tend to use public transportation only when it is convenient.

Light control systems deliver gains without pain.

  • Energy and maintenance savings often pay for light controls.

  • Employees are more productive when they can adjust their light.

  • Light controls improve the flexibility and enjoyment of any space.

  • Automated shades can reduce glare beautifully while they save energy.

  • Light controls help create the guest experience and present merchandise.

  • Light controls help focus attention on a teacher, speaker, or presentation.

Light controls deliver energy savings without compromises.

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