Hyperion Q-Admin

Hyperion: Q-Admin

The heart of the Quantum® solution is Q-Admin— powerful software that allows facility managers to manage daylight for maximum energy efficiency, comfort, and productivity. A facility manager can not only control shades from a central location, but also configure and monitor each shade in the entire building.

The system can be tuned from Q-Admin to meet changing needs of any space.

Q-Admin Control and Monitor View

System manager can control and monitor the shades by each area in a tabular or floorplan view.

For HyperionTM, the daily shade schedules for each area can be viewed so facilites knows what is happening in each area throughout the day.

If Hyperion needs to be disabled, it can easily be done by area or for the whole building.

Modifying Hyperion™

The configurations for each shade area in Hyperion can be easily tuned by facilities. As the office floor plan changes, Hyperion can be quickly modified and will automatically re-calculate the shade schedules for each area.


Facility managers can improve the maintenance and operation of shading systems. Diagnostic reports can be generated to show the status of each individual keypad and shade motor in the system.

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