The Human Element

Hyperion: The human element

Daylight has a profound impact on comfort and productivity. People react to daylight in a number of ways.


Our biological clock is regulated by daylight. The eye responds to the blue wavelength found in daylight that office lighting cannot reproduce. Without sufficient access to daylight, the body has difficulty maintaining its natural sleep cycle — impacting alertness and health4. HyperionTM generates a shade schedule that permits an effective amount of daylight to enter the workplace.


Preservation of outdoor views has a positive effect on occupants. Workers with views perform better on tests than those without any scenery5. Also, many people believe that working in daylight is better for health and well-being than electric light. Therefore, the visual environment can significantly influence a worker’s mood and perception of the quality of his or her job6. Hyperion’s automatic shade adjustments provide sufficient exterior views from inside the workplace.


Uncontrolled daylight in a space can result in solar heat gain and excessive glare. This causes eyestrain, visual discomfort and subsequent headaches. This may drive employees to break from tasks and has been shown to increase error rates. Hyperion controls glare and properly diffuses daylight to create a comfortable working environment.

Automated shading systems must move the shades throughout the day, and the eye is inherently drawn to movement. In order to reduce potential distractions, Hyperion allows the number of daily shade movements to be minimized.

Daylight management with Hyperion™

Daylight is an excellent source of light in the workplace but it presents challenges.

Uncontrolled daylight will result in glare and solar heat gain. Windows designed to bring daylight and views into the workplace can become a source of visual and thermal discomfort.

Daylight management is needed to control the intensity and quality of daylight entering a space. Lutron® shades are the perfect solution for managing daylight while preserving views.

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