The Human Element

The Hyperion Advantage

Simple set up and integration

Hyperion does not require complicated set-up or calibration of sensors

Set-up is based on easily gathered information about a building’s geographical position and façade orientations

Integration with building automation systems is achieved through a simple interface to the Quantum® network using BACNet IP protocol

System requires minimal long-term maintenance

Reliable-Distributed intelligence and shade control

Once programmed, each Quantum hub can independently run all shade zones on its loop

For large structures, this ensures that each group of shades will be operating, regardless of maintenance on other areas of the building


Tailored set-up-HyperionTM automatically develops shade schedules that balance effective daylight management with productivity by utilizing information about window dimensions, user-specified sunlight penetration and preferred number of shade movements

Easy tuning-The system can be tuned via Q-AdminTM without re-wiring or sensor calibration (see page 14)

Personal adjustment-Hyperion control can be overridden at any time to suit personal preferences. Personal control is a key component of Hyperion because individuals have different preferences for their visual environment


Uncontrolled daylight in a space can result in solar heat gain and excessive glare. This causes eyestrain, visual discomfort and subsequent headaches. This may drive employees to break from tasks and has been shown to increase error rates. Hyperion controls glare and properly diffuses daylight to create a comfortable working environment.

Automated shading systems must move the shades throughout the day, and the eye is inherently drawn to movement. In order to reduce potential distractions, Hyperion allows the number of daily shade movements to be minimized.

Daylight management with Hyperion™

Daylight is an excellent source of light in the workplace but it presents challenges.

Uncontrolled daylight will result in glare and solar heat gain. Windows designed to bring daylight and views into the workplace can become a source of visual and thermal discomfort.

Daylight management is needed to control the intensity and quality of daylight entering a space. Lutron® shades are the perfect solution for managing daylight while preserving views.

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