Daylight Management

Daylight management is a term often misunderstood but simply is the management of daylight (sunlight) entering any space via window, curtain wall, skylight, doorway or other glass structures. The management of the light is the process by which we determine the amount of light that enters the space at any time. In its simplest form, it is some window treatment moved over the window to decrease or moved off the window to increase the amount of daylight that enters the space. Our most common types of daylight management treatments are:

We provide accurate daylight management by motorizing these treatments and automating them to the sun’s position (Hyperion, Quantum), Astronomical or actual time (HomeWorks, Grafik Eye QS, RadioRa 2, Quantum), or building automation systems by third parties via RS232/485 or contact closure interface (HomeWorks, Grafik Eye QS, RadioRa 2, Quantum, Hyperion) which take inputs from the clocks, third party building systems, daylight or sun sensors and HVAC/temperature settings which act as switches to move the window treatment to predetermined positions over the window.

Daylight Harvesting is the aim. Harvesting the maximum daylight to reduce electric light without creating harsh or uncomfortable daylight conditions from too much daylight entering the space creates energy savings, improved comfort, improved employee morale and visually improved working and living spaces.

Selecting the proper treatment functionally in addition to decoratively is the key. Knowing whether a space needs a certain amount of daylight control from filtering and allowing a view, to letting in light but maintaining privacy, to solar protection for heat control or damaging effects of solar radiation on your furnishing to complete blackout for AV or Lab usage is critical. Specialty has years of experience consulting on these very matters from the most extensive commercial projects to homes like yours; our experience is vast.

Additionally, Specialty is a major supporter of window treatment child safety procedures and we recommend that all window treatments be motorized to not only maximize the use and control of daylight but also to provide a child safe window treatment by eliminating cords that small children could get entangled in. Motorized treatments equal a much safer window treatment.