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EcoSystem is a revolutionary lighting control system, with digital electronic dimming ballasts, controls and environmental sensors to:

save energy from 40% to 70%
increase occupant comfort and productivity
improve space flexibility
reduce maintenance costs

EcoSystem is designed for office spaces, K-12/ university classrooms, and patient rooms, where lighting accounts for 38% of electricity usage. These applications benefit from EcoSystem’s unparalleled energy savings through personal controls including wallstations and infrared remote control transmitters, and environmental sensors such as daylight and occupancy/vacancy sensors.

In addition to providing energy savings, EcoSystem creates a more flexible workspace where lighting fixtures with EcoSystem ballasts are individually addressed. These ballasts are programmed, instead of wired, to work individually or as a group, creating flexibility in a space that adjusts to the shifting needs of any building.

Finally, EcoSystem reduces lighting system maintenance with fewer parts and user-friendly programming. All of the environmental sensors and personal controls connect directly to any ballast, eliminating interfaces, power packs, and control devices.

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