Why the Right Design Matters

We often hear of how HVAC design and use is important when it comes to creating residential homes that are more energy efficient. Likewise, discussions about the use of natural lighting tend to come up quite frequently as well. What is not discussed as often is the improvement of productivity via light controls. Literature reviews have proven that there is a link between worker productivity and the ability of a worker to control the natural and artificial lighting in their work environment.

Here is the summary of one study conducted by the Light Right Consortium:

Normally, the persistence and vigilance of office workers will decline over the course of a workday.
However, the presence of personal control of their lighting increased subject motivation allowing
workers to sustain their performance—they persisted longer on difficult tasks and were more accurate
on a task requiring sustained attention.”

A similar report, published in Environmental News, found that workers who were able to control their visual environment via daylighting at a Lockheed Martin facility dropped absenteeism by roughly 15%. As one can clearly see, installing building dimmers can provide an array of benefits in a commercial setting.

Let’s say that the average employee at a business costs the company roughly $107,000.00 per year in overhead, salary, and benefits. That same employee occupies about 100 square feet of space in the office. Let’s assume that the cost of installing dimmable overhead lighting, automatic shades, and a control system for both would be about $600.00.

Now’s let’s be conservative in our figures and say that these lighting changes cause the employee to be 1% more productive each year. This means that the employer can expect to see about $1,000.00 more worth of work that year. For the first year, this results in a net profit of $400.00 for the business and a subsequent $1,000.00 each year after. In roughly 7 months’ time, the initial investment of the employer will have already been paid back.

Businesses who want to encourage more production in their employees can quickly see one of the many reasons why having the right design is important. If you have questions or would like more information, then you are strongly encouraged to contact The Specialty Group today to schedule a consultation. It will be one of the best investments you have ever made on behalf of your business.

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