Going as Green as Possible? Here Are Some Ways to Help

ThermostatMore people more than ever before are now aware of how we directly impact the environment through our actions. The Green Movement is aimed at living a lifestyle that is as ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly as much as possible. In the 60s and 70s before we became fully aware of how much we were damaging our environment, we manufactured and used dangerous substances such as DDT for farm pesticides and CCF in fridges with reckless abandon. We produced non-biodegradable plastics by the thousands of tons without giving much thought to how we should dispose of the by-products. We burnt coal and fossil fuels freely with no idea that we were producing dangerous amounts of greenhouse gases. Back then few people imagined that our actions would contribute to life-threatening phenomena such as global warming on the scale that we are now witnessing. Continue reading “Going as Green as Possible? Here Are Some Ways to Help”

Trendy Window Treatments to Spice up Any Room

Snip20130329_72There are many different types of window treatment options for the home and office. A few of the more popular choices are blinds, curtains and cornices. After some time, those treatments can start to look drab by fading in color and style. You can instantly change the look of your room by simply updating your window treatments. Don’t be afraid to make a statement; whether you’re looking to add color, update your space or just add privacy, these tips can turn any room from drab to fab.

With the shift towards more eco-friendly and nature-inspired materials, you can help bring nature inside your room by choosing an organic product. Mix wooden blinds and decorative fabric panels on a bamboo rod. Or layer a natural woven shade with a sheer panel. This will help create a look that is both natural and unique. Continue reading “Trendy Window Treatments to Spice up Any Room”

Why the Right Design Matters

We often hear of how HVAC design and use is important when it comes to creating residential homes that are more energy efficient. Likewise, discussions about the use of natural lighting tend to come up quite frequently as well. What is not discussed as often is the improvement of productivity via light controls. Literature reviews have proven that there is a link between worker productivity and the ability of a worker to control the natural and artificial lighting in their work environment. Continue reading “Why the Right Design Matters”

3 Reasons Natural Light Will Save You More Money

Those who are modifying their home to become more energy efficient in regards to lighting need to take into consideration the different methods available to ensure that they receive the highest quality of lighting, in addition to the anticipated savings towards their electric bill. There are a number of different design methods and principles that incorporate artificial lighting to create efficient and effective lighting. However, the inclusion of natural daylight should also be considered. Continue reading “3 Reasons Natural Light Will Save You More Money”