Home Theater

Home Theater

Video Projection - An AMX Touch Panel can automatically activate the home theater's digital projector, lower the projection screen, and start the movie - without remotes and without hassles.

Audio Acoustics

With its aesthetic styling, advanced storage and distribution capabilities, and ultra-quiet operation, AMX's MAX-HT™ Server is specifically designed to operate within the demanding acoustics of a home theater. The MAX Audio/Video Player™ (AVP) combines an Audio/Video Module (AVM), which displays content from a multimedia server, with a high-end DVD player for ad hoc viewing.

Automated Lighting

The same AMX Touch Panel that controls the home theater's video projection can also be used to dim the lights automatically before the movie begins playing.

HVAC Systems

AMX systems can monitor and control a wide range of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system functions. The AMX zone approach allows a homeowner to custom-tailor the climate for the home theater separately from the rest of the home.

Automated Window Treatments

An AMX Touch Panel can be used to automatically close home theater draperies or other window treatments.


AMX provides sophisticated intercom functions that are fully integrated with AMX audio system components.

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