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The Specialty Group Cold Windows?
Replace or Add Insulating Shades?
Insulating Window Shades

Q: Our windows are cold and drafty. Should we replace the windows?

A: If your windows are no longer functional, go with replacement windows from a reputable, local dealer. However, if they are just old, and cold, you should consider high quality insulating shades, and even better—add side tracks that provide a four-sided seal. These shades can add as much as R4 to your present window, resulting in an R-5.8 if you have a typical older Thermo pane window with R1.8. This can solve your cold window and heat loss problems immediately and without disruption. EcoSmart shades typically outlast several kinds of replacement windows, so you may be able to add their potential R4 insulating power to that of your new windows resulting in even greater energy savings.

Energy Saving Sidetrack System

Q: How do I know if insulated shades are the right option for my home?

A: Quality insulating shades should be part of any good energy conservation plan for all homes. In fact, I believe it's the next thing you should do after installing an energy management system. Few other home improvements have such a fast payback potential and also provide comfort and great looks. If you have mini-blinds, we recommend replacing them. They cost you money and comfort by acting as a radiator in reverse, transferring the cold off the window into the room. A study by a nationally recognized University found that mini-blinds can increase your energy costs by about 10% while our EcoSmart shades can reduce energy costs by up to 50%

Q: What are the environmental benefits of using insulated shades?

A: The big picture benefits are staggering! Residential energy consumption is greater than any other sector, including commercial buildings or cars, and it is primarily fossil fuels at the source of our crisis. Yet, 50% of that is lost wasted out of windows. It is estimated that the equivalent of 450 million barrels of oil could be saved each year if all we did is install effective insulating window shades in all the windows in the U.S. Saving the equivalent of 100 times the Gulf oil spill - every year. Additionally, we would not need to replace so many windows which would help save our landfills.

In Summary—add up to R-4 insulation to your windows, greatly reduce cold and heat draft, reduce energy costs, add beautiful shades to your windows AND save your current windows! Call or visit Specialty Drapery for more information.

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